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Tiffany Myers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



My Story

Hey friends! My name is Tiffany Myers and I am a Scentsy ADDICT! I joined on a whim in Nov of 2018 when i was gifted the opportunity with a free kit! I was terrified and excited, also had no clue what I was doing!! I gave myself one year to try my hardest, learn what I could and participate as much as possible to see where this could take me..... fast forward 4 years, 5 achieved titles and a team of 103 and im in love! I had no clue i had in me what it takes to be successful in business, but Scentsy sure showed me! I love the products and the safety of them, i love that my family is super involved ( my girls want to have their own business when they grow up!) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how much scentsy loves us as consultants! I could not dream of being anywhere else!

My Favourite Scents